Acler -When co-designers Kathryn Forth and Julia Ritorto first met to conceptualise Acler, their common goal was to rebel against cookie-cutter digital design and bring the design process back to its fundamentally tactile roots. Each Acler piece is developed over a process of 12 months, and is subtly redrafted, and redraped along the way, allowing the design to take on its own form naturally.The end result is a meticulously constructed piece, which has an organic sculptural shape and an ultimately refined minimalism. SHOP NOW

Asilio - Designed in Melbourne by Cynthia Farchione, Asilio define modern graphic elegance through a capsule range of contemporary dresses and separates. Asilio is refining femininity by the combined use of a minimal design aesthetic, uniquely textured fabrics and distinctive colour palette to create a progressive and provocative mood. SHOP NOW. 

AugusteFleetwood Mac once sang “dreams unwind, love’s a state of mind” and new bohemian label Auguste is the fusion of both. Australian designer Ebony Eagles has combined her love of a free-spirited, eclectic lifestyle with a vision of creating wearable pieces to express this. The label pays homage to a youth spent in the sun-drenched, salt-stained haze of Byron Bay, the heart of bohemia. Designed for the girl the moon on her mind and salt water in her soul, Auguste's signature aesthetic is the love-child of soft, dreamy separates and feminine and floaty silhouettes. SHOP NOW


Backstage -Backstage is an Australian clothing label inspired by their love of art, film & music. Backstage has an enigmatic aesthetic in its collections with sleek lines, bold prints, textured fabrics and elegant shapes with an edginess and sensuality that captures a fresh spirit found behind the scene or centre stage. All Backstage garments are produced with love in Australia in an ethical environment. SHOP NOW.

BCLaunched in Melbourne in 2003, Bless'ed Are The Meek designers sought to create divine and coveted pieces that would push the boundaries of meekdom. Now based in Sydney, BC is the Bless'ed Are The Meek diffusion line available to the global masses. SHOP NOW.  

Bless'ed Are The Meek - A small gathering of obsessed fashion devotees embarked on a quest to create divine and coveted pieces with which to adorn themselves. And so Bless’ed Are The Meek was born, and it was humbly decreed that they would strive together to push the boundaries of meekdom. The small and creative team toiled for seven long years and made the exodus to Sydney in 2009 where they grew and prospered and became sexy and sophisticated. And soon the word spread that Blessed was divine. SHOP NOW.

BON - 'Luxe basics designed with a Parisian sensibility' SHOP NOW.


Elka CollectiveElka Collective is a Melbourne based label inspired by a desire to create beautifully constructed feminine clothes with a focus on luxurious natural fabrics and unique prints.
They design wearable clothing that combines classic tailoring with a relaxed, easy to wear Australian
aesthetic. There is a sense of timelessness and delicacy that exists within their collections, allowing
pieces to become treasured elements in every wardrobe. SHOP NOW.


Faithful The BrandFaithful the Brand was established in 2012 by the two friends Australian Sarah-Jane Abrahams & Norwegian Helle Them-Enger. The name 'Faithfull' comes from their love for all things Marianne Faithfull - who is ever evolving with her style, in fashion, music. She has always followed her own rules. The brand has a warm, feminine appeal - is youthful & effortless in design, with a flair of bohemian spirt. SHOP NOW.

First Base - Alison Cotton launched First Base in 2013, based out of the iconic Bondi Beach. The idea was to take her love of surf and skate culture and create something that was authentic, simple and ultimately iconic. From this notion, First Base was born. Great basics with a sportswear slant. True, understated, slick. That ultimate white tee that goes with everything, the tank you always look bangin' in and that v-neck that works under your work blazer and destroyed denim. Perfect for today, any day, every day. SHOP NOW. 


Hansen & GretelHansen & Gretel is inspired by the style classics and is produced with an innovative approach to design wearability. Their strength lies is developing garments that are wearable and embody their own signature on an existing or developing trend. This practicality, merged with the worlds of art and style, creates an affordable, chic collection with a dash of avant-garde appeal. SHOP NOW. 


Kivari‘The Kivari woman is full of adventure, wonder and discovery... she is the soul seeker, and doer. Always in pursuit of freedom and a new journey, she wears her worldly bohemian leathers and apparel not just for the soft, free-flowing comfort, but for what it represents to her. Each collection is created to ensure she is part of a culture that forever strives to be the free spirited soul searches of the world’ SHOP NOW.


MLM (Millie Loves Min)MLM is a contemporary women’s wear label that has become well recognised for its authentic take on modern and feministic dressing. Drawing inspiration from style icons past and present to create collections that are modern, edgy and forever wearable. SHOP NOW. 


OskarEffortlessly cool, OSKAR The Label is a unique line of affordable high-end street wear focusing on clean tailoring, impeccable detail and modern silhouettes. OSKAR The Label encapsulates the nonchalant spirit of Downtown NYC whilst still maintaining its laid back Australian chic aesthetic. The result is a concise collection of directional, relaxed pieces combining feminine detailing with an androgynous edge.
Launched in 2013, the design philosophy of OSKAR The Label takes inspiration from street style and current trends to deliver easy-to-wear, cutting-edge, iconic pieces that effortlessly integrates with an existing wardrobe to create individual style and understated elegance. SHOP NOW.

OurlieuOurlieu (our-lee-oo) derives it's name from the marriage of the English 'Our' and French 'lieu' meaning 'Place or Space'. Australian owned, Ourlieu begun in 2010 with the aim of creating beautiful, stylish homewares for any place or space. Ourlieu seeks always to bring high quality and beauty to your own place or space, without compromising quality of life or the beauty of the space we all share. SHOP NOW.


P.E NationUltimate active wear concept that is about multi-tasking performance wear for every woman. With a collection of energy-enhancing co-ordinates, P.E NATION reflects a sense of confident authenticity, focusing on functionality, fabric and fit, for an urban lifestyle lived at fast pace. Pip Edwards (P.E) you are a genius!! 


Sample - A brand designed to provide the market with a fashion based casual line with a clean, modern, feminine branded aesthetic. Sample is made to create an easy wearing, easy fitting casual core wardrobe seasonally with a nod to a clean, Scandinavian modernist aesthetic. COMING SOON.

Shona Joy Melbourne born Shona Joy started the label in 2000 as a capsule collection sold through Sydney's Bondi and and Paddington markets. Each collection features a showcase of exclusive prints, often designed through collaboration with artists, graphic designers and some of Australia's most respected textile houses. Shona Joy prides itself on quality finishes and luxe fabrics, but remains affordable fashion for the girl who is addicted to style. The brand has established itself as a mainstay within the industry and has garnered a dedicated following of devotees over the past decade. SHOP NOW. 

Staple The Label - The Staple the label ethos is simple, creating something sophisticated and chic, timeless and directional, with unexpected twists. Staple the label is relatable and adventurously individual, always introducing new, intriguing silhouettes, exclusively developed fabrics and captivating prints. Luxurious wardrobe essentials and fashion forward, day into night pieces are key elements in every collection. With a unique attention to detail, it is quite literally a double take on style, with endless ways to wear. Staple the label is as clever as it is chic. Staple the label launched early 2009 in Sydney, as a “basics-with-a-twist” brand. A concise collection of fashion forward, relaxed yet directional pieces with a sophisticated edge, all at an affordable price. SHOP NOW. 

Stevie May - Maybe women are not meant to be tamed. Perhaps they should walk free, explore creative adventures and form their own identity. Stevie May is inspired by far off places. The Stevie May women loves to style eclectically combining all of the things she desires as a women with free spirits, exotic elegance and soft feminine finishes. SHOP NOW. 


TalulahThe Talulah woman is confident, imaginative and styles with a playful sensibility. Born carefree, she encompasses all that is to be woman; effortlessly chic, timeless and ultimately fashionable.Synonymous with style and elegance, the Talulah woman celebrates the power of female fashion. With its unique take on classic cuts, Talulah plays with varying lengths, clever colour combinations and vibrant prints seducing its customer into a world of confidence, sophistication, fun and femininity. Flattering silhouettes, sculptural tailoring, and unique detailing, in daring colour and print combinations, each Talulah garment nurtures the key messages of the brand; inner confidence, beautiful craftsmanship and keepsake collections. SHOP NOW. 


Vale -The oversized Oxford button down. An impeccably cut white tee. Those perfectly worn in indigo jeans. A simple summer dress. The flattering jumpsuit. These cult classics, along with the practicality and nonchalance of French style are what inspires each collection from Vale. Founded in the Summer of 2015 by Sydneysider Amber D’Enett, each season Vale takes good quality denim, comfortable fabrics and classic silhouettes and elevates these classics to a new level with clever twists and subtle detailing to make each piece a lifelong wardrobe staple. SHOP NOW.


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Kapten & Son

Love Stories Intimates 

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